First off, let’s start with this guy’s name. If he was given this name at birth you’d have to excuse his behavior, somewhat. The man’s name is Lawrence Franklin King Florida. Which is literally Larry F. King Florida. Now, being a man living in Florida, named Florida, he really didn’t have a choice but to act all Florida like. This IS Florida Man, and of course he’s in Hillsborough County.

According to the local news site, the Zephyrhills Free Press,  Mr. Florida went on s crime spree Saturday night.

First up, he went to “The Great Catch”, opened the cooler, and threw all the White Claws and beers in the retention pond.

Next, he walked to Massey Barbershop, broke a window, and took a set of clippers, charging stand, and Otium wireless earbuds.

Then it was Lisa’s Barber Shop where he broke the front doorand stole five clippers and two pairs of scissors.

He’s not done, he went to Carpet and Floor Source and broke a side window. For some reason he didn’t find anything he wanted to steal. Moving on……

The Living Foods Bakery & Café, where he broke a window and stole about $800 worth of jackets, cash/coins, cash bags, and keys. He dropped the scissors he stole from Lisa’s Barber Shop outside the cafe.

He broke a window at the Zephyrhills Veterinary Clinic, then left to go to the Zephyrhills Cat Rescue where he took cat wormer, animal pain medication, and syringes. Cat wormer. Like, what was the plan here?

ZPD makes bust in early-morning burglary spreeZephyrhills Police have arrested a man involved in a spree of burglaries...

Posted by Zephyrhills Free Press on Sunday, May 30, 2021


His night ended by ripping off the Ring doorbell camera from his neighbor’s house. When the police caught up with him he confessed to all of this.



Florida Man  Florida Man  Florida Man  Florida Man


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