I have a very talkative cat, his name is Buddy and he’s always trying to talk to me. And it’s not just a typical meow, he’s making a variety of different sounds trying to tell me what he wants.

So what’s he trying to say, well, now there’s an app for that. A former Amazon engineer who used to work on Alexa now has an app that may unlock the mystery of what your cat is trying to say.

Users of the “Meow Talk app record their cat’s meow to decode what it means. Their goal is to one day create a collar which can translate the cat’s speech to ‘human talk’. If this sounds like Doug from the movie “Up”, yeah, that’s probably where they got the idea.

Javier Sanchez tested  a prototype on his own kitten, whose meow was translated as, “I’m angry! Leave me alone!” Other sayings include “I’m hungry”, “I’m in pain”, and the seldom used “I’m happy”.

What phrase will I need for my cat Buddy? Well, he’s a complicated cat.

Buddy’s litter box is in the laundry room. And when we needs to go he wants his peace. He will yell until someone stops the washer so he can have his quiet time. When he starts yelling we’re never sure exactly why until he leads you over to the washer. If someone can translate this little guy with an app, that would certainly save some time.

MeowTalk app translates cat's 'language' for pet owners

This app is the cat's meow. A former Amazon engineer who worked on Alexa now wants to solve the mystery of what your cat is trying to tell you. Javier Sanchez, a project manager at the tech company Akvelon, has developed the MeowTalk app, which supposedly translates a wide range of feline utterances, KING 5 reported.



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