This morning on Big Mama and The WiLD Bunch we dove into a very serious topic asking the question “do you look like a frog or a rat?”

No, this isn’t something we came up with on our own, but rather something we found on TikTok that’s turning into the latest trend.

So we, of course, had the discussion ourselves about what WE look like…are we frogs or rats? This is what we decided:


The Most Popular Celebrity Crush in Florida

  • The Top Dream Celebrity Partners Overall

    Chart showing the most popular male and female celebrity crushes

    Drum roll, please… The top celebrity crushes over the past year are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jennifer Aniston! The Rock may be the focal point of many memes and jokes, but turns out Americans can’t resist his perfectly carved physique. Representing the women is the star-studded actress Jennifer Aniston, who seems to only get more beautiful with time. And good news for all who have her at the top of their list: she’s single!

    The men that round out the list come from a variety of demographics and industries. Drake is the youngest of the men at 35, while 68-year-old Pierce Brosnan also makes an appearance.

    The same is true for the opposing sex. There’s a solid mix of singers like Beyoncé and Shakira and actresses like Emilia Clarke and Mila Kunis that have caught the attention of the nation.

  • The Top Dream Celebrity Husband in Every State

    Map showing the most popular dream celebrity husband in every U.S. state

    Though Dwayne Johnson can claim the title of “dream celebrity husband” for 11 U.S. states, the nation is divided on which male celebrity deserves the title of all-time dreamiest. In fact, 30 different men are represented on the map as the most swoon-worthy man by at least one state.

    There are a few local heroes worth noting. For example, Channing Tatum reigns supreme in his home state of Alabama; Ashton Kutcher, Cedar Rapids native, won Iowa; and Matthew McConaughey represents Texas, the state he hails from.

    Many neighboring states have similar opinions, such as both North and South Dakota having the hots for Jensen Ackles, or the two Southern states of Louisiana and Georgia both loving Will Smith. Outside of a few geographical trends, there’s plenty of diversity in the most loved male celebrity.

    Here in Florida, we chose Mr. Top Gun himself, Tom Cruise.

  • The Top Dream Celebrity Wife in Every State

    Map showing the most popular dream celebrity wife in every U.S. state

    There are similar trends when we look at the female celebrities stealing hearts. Twenty-nine different females made the map, with 21 of those being uniquely beloved by just one state.

    While Jennifer Aniston is a clear fan favorite across the nation, other household names like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna also made the map. These women are responsible for shaping their respective industries, so we can’t blame America for catching feelings.

    These women also prove that love knows no age. From 26-year-old Kendall Jenner coming on top in Arizona to 68-year-old Oprah Winfrey winning in Hawaii, there’s a large range of women represented as dream celebrity wives! Florida loves Shakira.

  • Closing Thoughts

    We likely didn’t change your mind on your dream celebrity crush, but we hope this analysis provided you with interesting insights to discuss with your family and friends. And we won’t judge you if you still secretly believe you and that special someone will end up together one day.

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Marija was born and raised in Illinois, but moved to Florida in 2018. She loves dogs, kayaking, concerts, beachin', checking out new restaurants & is always planning her next vacation. Follow her on Instagram @marija127